Improved Student Behavior:
Step by Step

Team Implementation Checklist (TIC)
The TIC is a progress monitoring tool used to assess the implementation for all students (Tier 1). It is recommended that the TIC assessment be done 3-4 times per year to mark progress. From pbis.org.

Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)
The TFI measures PBIS at all three tiers and is used to create a corresponding action plan. From pbis.org.

School Climate Survey Suite
The School Climate Survey Suite is for assessing students' feelings about school, behavior and safety. From pbisapps.org.

Step 1 Form a team and define expectations
Step 2 Defining rules and the rules matrix
Step 3 Defining procedures
Step 4 Teaching expectations, rules and procedures
Step 5 Providing feedback and rewards
Step 6 Addressing teacher skills
Step 7 Selecting Consequences
Step 8 Managing and improving the process

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