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Behavior Manager:
Higher Achievement With Less Stress

Better student behavior not only results in better outcomes for students.
It also means a better day for teachers and administrators.
Find out how Behavior Manager helps make it happen.

Kids who are not in class
are not going to pass!

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Students who miss class time being tardy, absent or out-of-placement (suspension, expulsion or alternative school), are at greater risk for failure. Schools need to reduce time out of class to foster student achievement.

Consider a tardy student, five minutes late to class. Do you send her to the office to return twenty minutes late for class? Or is it better for the teacher to record a 1-click tardy which automatically assigns an intervention or consequence which the student sees on her phone?

And what about a frequently tardy student? Do consequences continue to escalate up to suspension or expulsion? Isn't it better to recognize the developing power struggle and finesse it with an intervention like Check In/Check Out?

Which approaches work best for keeping the student in class and learning?

Behavior Manager is used to support a variety of approaches to improve student behavior including Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Restorative Discipline, Loss of Privilege, Restitution and Reflection.

What People Say

How effective behavior management keeps students in class

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  1. Avoid problems by teaching expectations, designing effective classroom procedures and developing teachers' classroom management skills.
  2. Catch behavior problems early before they escalate to out-of-placement consequences. Students stay in class.
  3. Respond quickly to classroom issues. When administrators get real time notifications of classroom behavior issues, they can respond by going to the classroom rather than having the student sent to the office. Students stay in class.
  4. Share thorough student histories with parents. Parents get a clear idea of what happens at school. Parents become allies in the mission to keep students in class.
  5. Make out-of-placement time as beneficial as possible. If a student must be placed in in-school suspension, make that time as beneficial as possible by making it easy for teachers to provide assignments for students to work on. Also, make it easy for the in-school suspension teacher to know which assignments have been received and which have not.

How does Behavior Manager save your time while making you more effective?

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1. Automation: We do the work for you.
Behavior Manager keeps track of merits and rewards, notifies parents of infractions, keeps track of parent communications, assigns appropriate interventions, creates intervention rosters, tracks whether consequences have been fulfilled, collects assignments for students out of placement, distributes info to the student and parent portal.

2. Power Tools: We help you understand your data.
Behavior Manager helps you analyze and make decisions with powerful and flexible data queries and informative charts, compares current performance to past performance with analytics tools, sets monitors, customizes notifications, enables peer behavior monitoring, offers just-in-time training for teachers on relevant behavior issues.

3. Breakthoughs: We help you do better in less time.
Behavior Manager helps you save the most time and be the most effective by helping you change to a positive, cooperative school culture if you choose to. Teach the behaviors for success: expectations, rules and procedures. Emphasize positive feedback over negative feedback.
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Build professional personal relationships with students. Use the data for data-based decisionmaking. Use tools for setting goals and data queries for scheduled progress and adjustment reviews. Help struggling teachers to master effective classroom management skills with our deliberate practice tool. Replace out-of-placement consequences with more effective interventions. We have helped schools use breakthrough practices to turnaround seriously challenged schools.
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DeLay Middle School was on the verge of being shut down. Low test scores. Students out of control. Kids afraid to come to school. We built Behavior Manager for them. Three years later they were named an Intel School of Distinction. Get behavior under control and the rest will follow. This is what we do.

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