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By Dr. Harry Tennant

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Do metal detectors deter school shooters?

When we talk about school shooters, most often we're talking about those shooters who go on a rampage, killing and injuring lots of students and faculty. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Pakland, Florida. Santa Fe, Texas.

Metal detectors reveal concealed weapons. In cases where rampage shooters encounter metal detectors, they shoot the person monitoring the metal detector as the first victim. Shoot that person and go on in.

Metal detectors are a deterrent to shooters who expect to survive the attack. Gang shootings. A jealous boyfriend. A drug deal gone bad.

What about security cameras? Same answer. Rampage shooters are often looking for the notoriety that a high body count will bring them. After their death. Security cameras can be seen as part of the media package, not a deterrent. But they would deter a shooter for whom the shooting is "just business."

In the effort to eliminate the horror of rampage shootings in schools, a lot of things are being done that are unlikely to have an effect. Making the school a more hardened target is based on the concept that when a rampage shooter walks up to the door with a duffel bag of guns and ammo, you'll be able to turn him away with metal detectors, stronger locks and security cameras.

The time to prevent a rampage shooting is before he's attacking. The earlier the better.


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