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By Dr. Harry Tennant

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Can you empower students to prevent school violence?

A student planned to shoot students in the lobby of his school prior to the beginning of classes. He told two friends exactly what he had planned and asked three other students to meet him in the mezzanine overlooking the school lobby the morning of the planned attack, ostensibly so these students would be out of harm's way. On most mornings, few students would congregate in the mezzanine before the school day began. However, on the morning of the attack, word about what was going to happen spread to such an extent that, by the time the attacker opened fire in his school lobby, 24 students had gathered in the mezzanine waiting for the attack to begin. One student who knew about the attacker's plans brought a camera so that he could take pictures of the event.

from Threat Assessment in Schools by the US Secret Service and Department of Education

A key to preventing school violence is convincing students that they have a duty to warn adults at school if they suspect the possibility of a violent event. Any thoughts of a code of silence among students do not apply to such serious events. Students may petition governments to change laws to make schools safer but the most direct action to take is for students to warn of imminent acts of violence and to have an administrative system to back them up.

Edclick's School Safety Manager helps identify kids in distress and provide support.

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