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Thursday, August 15, 2013

We want to improve parental involvement. Can you help?

Yes. The best way to keep parents involved with their child's education and with your school is to provide parents with useful, actionable information. School Site Manager is designed to make it easy to get timely information onto your website quickly and easily. One of the most useful fields on the course section pages for parents is How Parents Can Help. Encourage your faculty to help parents help the students by providing specific suggestions.

Discipline Manager, Intervention Manager and Tutoring Manager help keep parents involved by sending specific emails about their child's events and issues to keep parents in the loop.

School Site Manager includes a Newletter feature that can be used to push information to parents about recent accomplishments and upcoming opportunities. Each newsletter automatically maintains an archive of past issues as well as a subscription list that provides self-service subscribe or unsubscribe.

School Site Manager also has blogs associated with staff members, course sections, departments and extracurriculars. One of the handy but often unappreciated uses of a blog is as a specific news channel. For example, a blog for an extracurricular such as the chess club or gymnastics team, is a great place to summarize the results of each competition. Keep parents and fellow students informed and engaged with news specific to a student's activities.

Parent Tips provides useful information on a daily basis. Parent Tips can be used to put a new tip on the website or email a new tip to parents every week day. Not only will parents receive useful parenting information in easily digestable chunks, but they are reminded of the service your school is doing for the students every day.

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