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Monday, April 11, 2011

Never grade another multiple choice test

Multiple choice quizzes taken online are superior to quizzes on paper for several reasons.
  • You don’t have to grade them. They can be graded automatically.
  • Easily administered quizzes give the opportunity for more frequent assessments. More frequent assessments have the dual benefits of providing incentive to students to keep up with the material and early identification of individual or class-wide need for review or misconceptions.
  • The results of quizzes can be used by teachers to determine what needs to be reviewed or explained in class.
  • Homework assignments can be implemented as quizzes providing immediate feedback to students and teachers about whether homework was completed and to what extent it has been understood.
  • You may allow quizzes to be taken a second time and then record only the highest score. This encourages the student to review material she missed to increase her score on the second attempt.
  • The time saved from grading quizzes can be applied to more subjective assessments such as essays and projects.
  • While not as abundant as lesson plans, quizzes can be found online
  • For quizzes that involve calculation, some quiz systems allow the numbers to be automatically randomized within limits while answers are checked based on the random values. Students can’t simply copy answers.
  • Practice quizzes can provide immediate feedback for right or wrong answers. In most cases, the student gets more feedback than she would get from a typical classroom quiz.
  • Quizzes with feedback are fun. It is no accident that quizzes and self-assessments are used so commonly in online advertising to learn about one’s health habits, financial intelligence, sexiness and personality. They’re fun and they bring attention to the advertiser. That same interest in quick assessment can carry through to biology or math class.

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