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Classroom Management

Classroom management is the set of techniques and procedures for ensuring that classrooms run smoothly and effectively. Effective classroom management promotes student learning and minimizes or eliminates disruptive behaviors. In addition to suggesting ways to establish a productive learning environment and avoid disruptions, classroom management also addresses how to handle disruptive behavior when it does occur.

While classroom management includes guidance for making classrooms more effective learning environments, the focus of classroom management is often on avoiding classroom disruptions due to student behavior. Dealing with undesirable student behavior is often high on the list of concerns of new teachers. Disruptions and other undesirable behavior by students is one of the most frustrating aspects of teaching and is the cause of many teachers deciding to leave the profession, in addition to being  among the leading causes of dissatisfaction among teachers who continue to teach.

Causes of classroom behavior problems

Causes of student inattentiveness and disruptive behavior include:

Solutions to misbehavior

Approaches for Administrators


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