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Walkthrough Manager

Walkthrough Manager makes teaching appraisals easier

Do teaching appraisals from the classroom.

Track teaching improvement over time.

Communicate your appraisal to teachers without delay.

Teaching Appraisals Go Mobile

Web-based teaching appraisals on the go: Use your tablet or smartphone to fill out smart forms directly in the classroom.

Instant Notification
Instant Notification

The teacher will be sent an email immediately with the results of the appraisal.

Track Appraisals
Track Appraisals

Appraisals can be scheduled and tracked. See at a glance if you are keeping up with your teaching appraisal schedule.

Track Improvement
Track Improvement

Appraisals are captured in a database so the results of different appraisals conducted over time can be easily compared.

Schoolwide Queries

The appraisal database can be queried across the entire teaching staff. Common problems stand out helping to guide in-service training decisions.

Staff Notes
Staff Notes

The database also supports a convenient system of staff notes private to the principal which can be used for detecting trends or accumulating documentation.

Complete Records
Complete Records

Walkthrough Manager provides complete and easily accessible appraisal records over time for transparency and accountability.


The system is customizable to your school's appraisal process. Walkthrough Manager comes with a collection of smart appraisal forms ready to use. The forms compute appraisal scores as you touch or click your choices. And, you can customize the appraisal forms to match your teaching appraisal process or create completely new smart forms with an easy to use form editor.

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