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Intervention Manager

The challenge of intervention systems like RtI isextensive recordkeeping

Intervention Manager Process
Intervention Manager Process
Benefits of Interventions such as RtI

RtI, Response to Intervention, is one of the commonly used intervention systems in schools today. The benefits of RtI and other similar intervention systems stem from students who get academic and behavioral interventions through early identification. Once problems and interventions are identified, the frequency and duration of the interventions are to be tracked, then the response to the interventions are to be evaluated. The challenge of intervention systems is that they require extensive recordkeeping.

  • Identify and address academic issues before they become entrenched
  • Set up a schoolwide multi-level intervention system to address student achievement and behavior issues
  • Improve student achievement
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Recordkeeping and Sharing

Intervention Manager handles the burden of intervention recordkeeping and sharing. Intervention Manager is a web-based data management application. It also provides information leverage in that a small amount of information entered yields a great deal of useful information that can be extracted in the form of aggregated reports, intervention histories, parent notifications and more.

  • Better data management ensures that no student slips through the cracks.
  • Automatically notify parents on their student’s progress.
  • Provide access for all authorized stakeholders to student intervention histories.
  • Administrators know at all times who is in the intervention process and where.
  • Schools and districts can coordinate their efforts through the database.
  • Replace huge unsearchable paper portfolios and paper trails with a searchable database.
  • Provide complete and easily accessible records over time for transparency and accountability.
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Identify Students Early

Identify students early before the issues become severe.

  • Allows teachers to document student issues before the Intervention begins in Student Notes.
  • Choose from interventions and focused lessons to address student difficulties.
  • Student issues can be specified down to specific state learning objectives.
  • Track the response (the R in RtI). Track whether students are meeting their goals with progress monitoring. Are the interventions effective?
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Easy to Use

Easy to use for intervention teams and teachers

  • Easy set up and edit of intervention plans, goals, issues, follow-up meetings and other process steps.
  • Teachers can log frequency and duration of interventions with simple checkbox forms.
  • Use checklists of critical process steps so steps are not overlooked.
  • Teachers and teams can easily record their feedback.
  • The system is customizable to your school's intervention process.
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Data-based Decision Making

Improve student achievement by improving your intervention process through data-based decision making.

  • Assess the impact of interventions on student outcomes.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your intervention program and where improvement effort needs to be focused.


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