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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lessons from games: Motivations and reflection

In my last post, I discussed video game motiviations. How can they be applied to the practice of daily reflection for improvement? Why not simply use the list of needs as a checklist of things to consider in the reflection? Not only is it likely to improve my performance, but is also a roadmap to making my days more personally rewarding.

  1. Knowledge
    • What did I learn today?
    • What didn't I know and need to learn?
    • Can I learn it right now?
  2. Skills
    • To what areas should I devote deliberate practice to improve my skills?
    • Would I benefit from coaching or seeing myself in action?
  3. Competence
    • What do I feel that I am coming to master?
  4. Perseverance
    • How was I challenged to persevere on a difficult but worthwhile project today?
    • Was there an example where perseverence paid benefits?
  5. Creation
    • What did I create today or help others to create?
    • What recent improvements did I work into my routines today?
  6. Danger Management
    • Any threats or conflicts avoided, finessed or defused?
  7. Competition
    • How am I doing relative to others?
    • What can I do to improve my ranking?
    • Am I getting immediate feedback on my performance?
  8. Cooperation
    • How did I help others today?
    • How did cooperation help each of us do better today?
    • Am I building or depleting social capital?
  9. Caring
    • Did I demonstrate caring for others today?
    • Did others care for me? Did I show gratitude?
    • How might others benefit if I showed more caring and gratitude and what opportunities should I watch for?
  10. Emotional Regulation
    • Was I able to control my emotions in order to attain peak performance?
    • What other emotional controls do I need to work on?
  11. Optimal Choice
    • What choices did I make today that were particularly pleasing?
    • How am I taking advantage of my opportunities?
    • In particular, what choices did I make in terms of my attitude, emotional responses and assumed motives of others that improved my day?
    • What choices did I make that should have been made differently?

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